Follow-Up to “Enough Rope To Hang Myself”

I don’t know but does anyone find it interesting that as I was in the process of writing and posting “Enough Rope To Hang Myself” yesterday and stopped to go check the mail, I fell down the outside stairs of my apartment complex onto the concrete with my nose breaking the fall, bleeding till the cows come home, almost passing out, crawling back up the stairs, crashing on the carpet till the worst passed? 

Today I look like a prizefighter and have to miss teaching my writing class because I’m in a world of pain and can’t wear my glasses (which got scratched up) and am blind without them. (Yesterday I could still wear them on top of the bandages and finish the post b/c my nose was still numb from the fall!)

Hmm…  I mean, I don’t like to get carried away or anything, but could it be the evil minions of whom I wrote yesterday didn’t like my exposing their antics and decided to remind me of what they can do, before I get around to writing Part 2? 

Just saying…  Well, thanks for listening.  Be careful out there.  Praise God, it wasn’t worse!

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