My Brother’s Keeper Article

Please read this important article about how obvious the so-called media is in showing itself to be so truly evil (Facebook and the NY Times specifically, among others, no doubt) by going out of its way to block people from seeing this film called Gosnell on the real horrors of abortion, not the fairy-tale picture they paint over what is really gruesome murder on a grand scale, for which our God is punishing the earth’s citizens.

Sacrificing infants to Baál never ended, and those in charge protect its continuance viciously.

I am embarrassed to admit that I once also thought the right to make a woman’s decision is her own but long ago, God opened my eyes to the big lie that makes it all sound so civilized. The decision is: Do I want to be an accomplice in the murder of an innocent child? (for which I will later face God). That’s the decision.

Here is the link to the article. Please read it:

Abortion Murder Trial

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